The Medicine Ball Overhead Pass may be implemented to improve power; the focus is on explosiveness, rather than the total amount of resistance being used. Emphasis is on the speed of the action and control of the body.

The Overhead Medicine Ball (MB) Pass (I) is a plyometric exercise, which focuses on improving energy transfer for more powerful stroke production, body control, balance & coordination, explosiveness of the trunk, as well as improving skill & strength foundation for complex movements.


  1. Hold a medicine ball (MB) in both hands behind the head; remain 6-8 feet away from the wall/partner
  2. Take on athletic stance position; knees and hips are slightly flexed; upper-body remains straight; face the wall/partner; maintain neutral head position; keep looking forward
  3. Extend the hips forward, flex the hips and explosively throw the MB forward towards the wall/partner
  4. Catch the rebound and quickly repeat.

Common Errors

  • Athlete passes MB without prior hip extension
  • Athlete loses balance
  • Athlete releases MB early

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