The Medicine Ball Explosive Pushup may be implemented to improve power; the focus is on explosiveness, rather than the total amount of resistance being used. Emphasis is on the speed of the action and control of the body.

The Medicine Ball (MB) Explosive Pushup is a plyometric exercise, which focuses on improving energy transfer for more powerful stroke production, body control, balance & coordination, explosiveness of upper extremities, as well as improving skill & strength foundation for complex movements.


  1. One hand is placed on the medicine ball under one shoulder and the other hand is placed slightly wider than shoulder width; the body is kept in a straight line.
  2. Lower the chest to the medicine ball and forcefully extend the arms to propel the upper body into the air
  3. While in the air shift the body towards the medicine ball so that the opposite arm rests on it as the chest descends back to the floor.
  4. Rapidly extend the arms at the bottom of the pushup to perform another rep with minimal contact time with the medicine ball; the upper body should return to the initial position.

Common Errors

  • Failing to clear the medicine ball with the upper body
  • Failing to minimize contact time with the medicine ball between reps