In last week’s FIT 2 HIT episode I talked about why USTA president, Jon Vegosen, is wrong about the reasons for the decline of US tennis. Today I share my opinion on how to improve the state of US Tennis. Since this a very complex issue I focus on 3 main points: coaches, players and the national association (USTA).

So one of the main questions is:

Who is responsible for the current state of US tennis?

Well, there is no straight forward, easy answer but there are 3 entities that play an important role:

  • Coaches – because they are responsible for developing the players with regards to:
    • Stroke production
    • Physical fitness
    • Mental toughness
  • Players – because ultimately it depends on the athletes desire for success

Coaches can only help a player on his/her journey for success but the coach cannot make it happen for the player – it’s basically similar to a doctor who’s helping with the delivery of a baby: the doctor cannot push out the baby for you but he can assist you in the delivery of the baby

  • National association, the USTA – because it needs to supply a framework (e.g. tournaments) and the financial resources for players to be able to pursue a career in tennis.
Watch the entire video clip above where I elaborate on each of these points in more detail.