The Medicine Ball Twist Pass may be implemented to improve power; the focus is on explosiveness, rather than the total amount of resistance being used. Emphasis is on the speed of the action and control of the body.

The Medicine Ball Twist Pass is a plyometric exercise, which focuses on developing neural pathways, explosive trunk rotation, body control & coordination as well as improving skill and strength foundation for complex movements utilizing a medicine ball.


  1. Place feet shoulder-width apart with the torso twisted to the side opposite of the direction of the diagonal throw; slightly more weight should be placed on the leg under the medicine ball with a slight bend in the same side of the hips.
  2. Transfer force through the hips to the torso to initiate the throw. The pass can be performed with a partner or against a wall for a shorter distance.
  3. The objective of the pass is to first initiate the movement with rapid extension of the hip and torso rotation (releasing the ball near the midline of the body) and absorbing the return pass or rebound for as short a period of time as possible before re-release; when absorbing the rebound, the ball should be caught in front of the body and brought to the side with the initial starting position.

Targeted Musculature

  • Obliques
  • Hamstrings

Common Errors

  • Neglecting to initiate the throw with the hips to optimize velocity and power produced in the exercise
  • Properly absorbing the rebound with quick re-release in the pass

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