The Medicine Ball Chest Drop may be implemented to improve power; the focus is on explosiveness, rather than the total amount of resistance being used. Emphasis is on the speed of the action and control of the body.

The Medicine Ball Chest Drop is a plyometric exercise, which focuses on developing neural pathways, explosiveness, body control & coordination as well as improving skill and strength foundation for complex movements utilizing a medicine ball.


  1. Lying on the back (supine) on an elevated surface such as a bench.
  2. A partner is needed and should stand above and behind the head of the individual performing the exercise.
  3. Open palms should firmly grasp the sides of the medicine ball approximately a foot above the chest.
  4. Forcefully extend the arms forward at chest level from the initial position to drive the ball the greatest height possible.
  5. The partner receives the ball and forces it back down to the chest as fast as possible.
  6. The falling ball should be absorbed and returned to the partner as rapidly as possible.

Targeted Musculature

  • Pectoralis Major
  • Serratus Anterior

Common Errors

  • Failing to absorb the catch and return the medicine ball to the partner in a rapid manner negating the plyometric aspect of the exercise

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