The Split Stance RDL is a compound exercise, which focuses on improving the synergy of the neuro-muscular system, hip extensor strength, body control & coordination and flexibility.


  1. In neutral standing position, enter into a split-stance by extending one leg forward while the other legs remains in position
  2. The leg in front is slightly flexed, while the other leg remains extended
  3. With arms straight and close to the body, barbell touching mid-thigh, start downward motion slowly until barbell touches lower chin of the front food, hips are flexed slowly towards 90˚
  4. Head is looking forward, chest out, and shoulder blades pushed back
  5. Once hips reach 90˚, upward motion starts by gradually extending hips forward until hips are fully extended and the body is in erect position

Targeted Musculature

  • Hamstrings