The Split-Jerk is a compound exercise, which focuses on improving the synergy of the neuro-muscular system, improving split-stance hip flexor speed, improving body control & coordination, flexibility as well as improving skill & balance foundation for complex movements.

Note: Exercise can also be performed using dumbbells!


  1. Position barbell chest level on the rack; add resistance (plates) and attach safety clips
  2. Take an athletic stance; stand straight, feet are under the shoulders; knees slightly flexed; toes point forward
  3. Use a pronated grip (palms facing down) and place hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the bar; position barbell on top of the chest, move elbow underneath barbell and flex shoulder to 90°; elbows point forward; lift barbell off the rack and take a step back
  4. Slightly flex the hips (without excessive knee flexion) then extend hips rapidly to move barbell vertically off the chest and immediately flex hips rapidly (drop down into lunge posistion) to get under the barbell and extend the elbows; knees must not protrude past toes; look forward
  5. Stand up straight, flex elbows, move head slightly back, and return barbell to starting position
  6. Switch legs

Targeted Musculature

  • Hip Flexors (iliopsoas, rectus femoris, sartorius, gluteus minimus)

Pre-Requisite Exercises

This section provides exercises that the athlete should already be able to perform in perfect form.