The Lunge Push-Off to Overhead Press is a strength for performance exercise, which focuses on improving power production capabilities during stroke production, improving flexibility of lower and upper body musculature as well as stability of legs, trunk and shoulders using appropriate resistance (bar + weights).


  1. Start from the lunge position; knee must not protrude past toes
  2. Hold barbell in both hands and slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  3. Place barbell on top of your chest and raise elbows horizontally until shoulder is at 90˚ or as far as possible
  4. Forcefully push-off with the front foot and return to standing position
  5. During push-off extend arms until barbell is above your ears
  6. Return to starting position
  7. Alternate lunge movement

Pre-Requisite Exercises

This section provides exercises that the athlete should already be able to perform in perfect form.