The Russian Lean is being used to develop the musculature of the lower body (legs). Regular and proper execution of the exercise will enhance the player’s athletic capabilities and aid in injury prevention. Therefore, having strong lower body musculature is desirable. The video and detailed exercise description below will inform you on how to perform this tennis conditioning exercise safely with good form. 


Exercise requires a partner!

  1. Person A knees on the floor in upright position, keeping legs close together at all times
  2. Person B keeps lower legs of person A on the floor throughout entire motion
  3. Person A slowly leans forward, back remains straight, until lean can not longer maintained and upper body falls towards the ground
  4. Person A uses arms to absorb the fall and pushes upper body back into starting position
Targeted Musculature
  • Hamstring (upper)
Common Errors
  • Instead of controlled forward lean, upper body rapidly falls towards the floor


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