The Power Clean is being used to develop power via efficient energy transfer of the total body musculature. Regular and proper execution of the exercise will enhance the player’s stroke production and athletic capabilities. Therefore, having powerful total body musculature is desirable. The video and detailed exercise description below will inform you on how to perform this exercise safely with good form. 



Stance: Neutral stance, feet are parallel and shoulder-width apart.

Grip: Arms are outside the legs, grabbing the bar, palms facing down.

  1. Knees are slightly bend (soft knees), hips are flexed to about 90˚
  2. Lean back keeping the weight on the heels, head looks up, chest out, shoulder blades pushed back, and barbell is located as close to chins as possible.

Exercise is completed in two pulling phases; first phase is slow, second phase explosive.

  1. First phase slowly elevates the bar by extending the hips until bar reaches the knees.
  2. Second phase, jump upward extending the body and shrug shoulders to pull the barbell upward close to the chest with the elbows laterally raised shoulder-height – barbell catapults upward all the way to chest.
  3. Quickly drop the body underneath the bar and catch bar on your chest with the elbows horizontal to the floor (90˚), facing forward.
  4. Next, stand up in an erect position with barbell lying on your chest, elbows still facing forward. With the bar on chest lean butt back a little.
  5. Explosively extend your hips forward, pushing the barbell upwards and dropping your body underneath it and stand up in an erect position with your arms extended holding barbell over your head.
Targeted Musculature
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstring
  • Gluteals
  • Calves
  • Trapezius
  • Deltoids
Common Errors
  • Barbell is pulled upwards without shrug and arms bend
  • Elbows are not horizontal to the floor when barbell is caught on chest.

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