Pursuing a career as a professional tennis player requires €21,600 – €63,600+ annually, depending on duration & frequency of training,  ability to travel, number of tournaments played, and expertise of the coach. The coach’s level of expertise impacts overall cost, quality of player development, and career progress. Therefore, picking a quality coach becomes an important financial decision. 

The following estimate assumes that:

  • the season lasts 48 weeks
  • the athlete competes in 1 ITF tournament (5 days/week) per month
  • the coach’s level of expertise is average
  • all training variables are covered

Total Annual Expenses

Annual Cost of Touring on the Professional Tennis Circuit

Expenses on Tour

Expenses at Home

Total Expenses

No Coaching

Incl. Coaching

Limited Training

Comprehensive Training









Expenses on Tour

Many talented tennis players want to compete on the professional tour in pursuit of a successful career, but competing on tour isn’t cheap:

  • €160+/day for player + 1 (e.g. parent, coach) without coaching
  • €260+/day including coaching

On tour, the main contributing cost factors are:

  • Travel
  • Hospitality
  • Food & Beverages
  • Miscellaneous (e.g. stringing, court fee, massage)
  • Coaching (if applicable)

On average, one can expect to stay 5 days at a given tournament week. Therefore, the weekly costs are €800 – €1300+, depending if coaching is accounted for or not. If the athlete plays 1 ITF tournament/month (12 annually) then the annual costs are €9,600 – €15,600+, respectively.

Expenses at Home

Expenses for training at home can range anywhere from €50 – €200+/day, depending on duration and frequency of overall training variables, which include:

  • Tennis training
  • Practice matches
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Mental training
  • Nutrition
  • Physical rehab (e.g. massages)
  • Equipment

On average, one can expect to practice 5 days/week. Therefore, the weekly costs can range from €250 – €1,000+. Due to vacation/injury time it is unrealistic for athletes to practice the entire year (52 weeks); 48 weeks are more realistic. Therefore, annual costs are €12,000 – €48,000+.


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